October 11
Jeremiah 16:16-18:23
1 Thessalonians 4:1-5:3
Psalm 81:1-16
Proverbs 25:6-8 

October 12
Jeremiah 19:1-21:14
1 Thessalonians 5:4-28
Psalm 82:1-8
Proverbs 25:9-10 

October 13
Jeremiah 22:1-23:20
2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
Psalm 83:1-18
Proverbs 25:11-14 

October 14
Jeremiah 23:21-25:38
2 Thessalonians 2:1-17
Psalm 84:1-12
Proverbs 25:15 

October 15
Jeremiah 26:1-27:22
2 Thessalonians 3:1-18
Psalm 85:1-13
Proverbs 25:16 

October 16
Jeremiah 28:1-29:32
1 Timothy 1:1-20
Psalm 86:1-17
Proverbs 25:17 

October 17
Jeremiah 30:1-31:26
1 Timothy 2:1-15
Psalm 87:1-7
Proverbs 25:18-19 

October 18
Jeremiah 31:27-32:44
1 Timothy 3:1-16
Psalm 88:1-18
Proverbs 25:20-22 

October 19
Jeremiah 33:1-34:22
1 Timothy 4:1-16
Psalm 89:1-13
Proverbs 25:23-24 

October 20
Jeremiah 35:1-36:32
1 Timothy 5:1-25
Psalm 89:14-37
Proverbs 25:25-27 

Read the Bible in a year

​Pastor's Page

For many months now in the newsletter, I have reflected with you about Crossroads’ future.  In some ways, helping envision Crossroads’ future direction is how I’ve spent the entirety of my time as your pastor.  The congregation’s leadership has been working hard to design a future for us to thrive and make a difference in the lives of all who cross paths with this faith community, whether that be in worship, in education, in our caring for our neighbors through outreach, or from other groups using the building.  We, as a community that follows Jesus, are called to tangibly impact the lives of others with Jesus’ love. 

Your congregational leadership is ready to share with you the latest updates about this future.  After worship on the weekends of September 29 & 30, and October 6 & 7, council will share with you the vision for Crossroads to reach deeply into the lives of our neighbors in collaboration with St. Paul’s.  This partnership is an incredible opportunity for both congregations to better connect with our neighbors near and far.

I invite you to pay close attention to the words we use when we talk of this future together as two congregations.  Words like cooperation, interdependence, collaborate, complement are being used.  We are not using words like compete, consolidate, or merge, for these are not the things we are proposing.  Rather, we believe that Crossroads (and also St. Paul’s), has a brighter future by working with our nearest Lutheran neighbors.

The latest version of the topic sentence for our partnership is “Together…to shine God’s grace and good news into the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of Amherst families.”  I invite you to read that line again.  And then, after you’ve reread it, think about what you know about Jesus, and his life, death, and resurrection.  The essence of Jesus, both as he walked the earth 2000 years ago in Palestine, and as Jesus’ calls us as his disciples in the 21st Century, is to positively impact the world with good news, the good news of God’s unconditional love for you and me, and our neighbors, too.

I know there are questions about this direction.  There are unknowns.  There are fears.  Anytime a community tries something new, the transition to this new direction is full of these things.  These questions, unknowns and fears are normal, and we invite you to express them to myself, Vicar Adam, or a council member.  However, we also feel strongly convicted that God is calling Crossroads into a new future.  Your congregational leadership believes we are at a crucial point in our life together.  And we invite you to hope and pray and trust that the future is one where we and the community around us positively impact one another for good.  This future is one where these two congregations thrive in a symbiotic relationship with one another and our neighbors around us.

Together…to shine God’s grace and good news into the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of Amherst families.  This sounds like a vision for a church rooted in Jesus, hopeful about its future, and engaged with its community.  I invite you to join me on this journey towards this new place, for the sake of this congregation, and for the sake of our neighbors who  also need God’s grace and good news to shine into their lives.

Living with peace and hope,
Pr. Adam

October 21
Jeremiah 37:1-38:28
1 Timothy 6:1-21
Psalm 89:38-52
Proverbs 25:28 

October 22
Jeremiah 39:1-41:18
2 Timothy 1:1-18
Psalm 90:1-91:16
Proverbs 26:1-2 

October 23
Jeremiah 42:1-44:23
2 Timothy 2:1-21
Psalm 92:1-93:5
Proverbs 26:3-5 

October 24
Jeremiah 44:24-47:7
2 Timothy 2:22-3:17
Psalm 94:1-23
Proverbs 26:6-8 

October 25
Jeremiah 48:1-49:22
2 Timothy 4:1-22
Psalm 95:1-96:13
Proverbs 26:9-12 

October 26
Jeremiah 49:23-50:46
Titus 1:1-16
Psalm 97:1-98:9
Proverbs 26:13-16 

October 27
Jeremiah 51:1-53
Titus 2:1-15
Psalm 99:1-9
Proverbs 26:17 

October 28
Jeremiah 51:54-52:34
Titus 3:1-15
Psalm 100:1-5
Proverbs 26:18-19 

October 29
Lamentations 1:1-2:22
Philemon 1:1-25
Psalm 101:1-8
Proverbs 26:20 

October 30
Lamentations 3:1-66
Hebrews 1:1-14
Psalm 102:1-28
Proverbs 26:21-22