Meet Our
New Pastor

Rev. Kwame Pitts 

"caring for others near and far
because Christ cares for us."  


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Greetings and Peace to you, beloved siblings in Christ! If you are new to Crossroads and St.
Paul’s Lutheran, welcome to this sacred space where all are welcomed-not only within our walls and
pews, but at the Table; the Table where we gather together does not belong to any one church, it
belongs to the Creator God, where we are fed, forgiven and then EMPOWERED and ENCOURAGED to go
out to not only share the Good News of Jesus Christ, but then we are called to actually live out our faith
through action. It’s not just about building community, but investing and being immersed in
community; a community that will love you regardless of who you are, who you love, what gifts of your
culture, your being and how you express your joy for God with the beauty of different languages and

For those of you who have not met me, my name is the Rev. Kwame Pitts and I am excited to be the
NEW Lead Pastor at Crossroads Lutheran and the Co-Pastor for Main Street Ministries along side my
esteemed colleague at St. Paul’s Lutheran, Rev. Steve Biegner. What does that mean, anyway? It means
that Steve and I will be doing ministry together and alongside one another. It means I will be working
with Crossroads on their gifts, talents and resources that they are for the wider breath of community as
well as along with St. Paul’s as Main Street Ministries being that light of hope, peace, grace and justice
for the wider metro areas of Buffalo and the Upper New York Synod of the ELCA.

And what are my own hopes for both Crossroads and Main Street Ministries? As many of my sisters,
brothers and siblings in Christ are aware of in the wider expression of the ELCA, I identify as a
Womanist Practical Theologian besides being a Pastor. What does that mean? Luther’s theological
crucis means that theologians understand this radical revelation that all things are made new, in the
shadow of the cross. That God created something in the midst of despair and made it a point of
salvation and forgiveness, thereby giving us the means to go out and be advocates, being and living the
example of what Jesus’s calls us to do, to love our neighbor and the stranger. Dr James Cone’s theology
of the cross means that Jesus Christ stands with those who have been maligned and oppressed,
reminding them they are beloved children of God and therefore they can go forth and advocate for both
themselves and for others.

As Pastor then, my call is to be a comfort to those in times where life can be a struggle and where
sometimes people feel abandoned by God. My call is to be present and walk pastorally in comfort and
being that calming presence; for people to know that they are loved by God, regardless. My work is to
be a resource for my community members, for college students and for that matter anyone who comes
in our doors-and if I don’t know the answer, then I can lean on my network of other allies and
advocates to also walk with those who are in need. As a Womanist Theologian, it is my public call to be
advocate for the wider breath of humanity, because the systemic ills that we face can be reflective as the same whether urban, suburban or rural.  I look forward to meeting you where you are whether that’s in your
neighborhood, your home, your favorite pub or coffee spot or whether it  thrives with us at Crossroads Lutheran. Please feel free to reach out to me  anytime at

The fun begins on September 3rd.

God’s Peace,
Rev. Kwame Pitts
Lead Pastor, Crossroads, Co-Pastor, Main Street Ministries